Lake Chatuge Watershed Action Plan (March 2007)

Lake Chatuge Watershed Action PlanThis document is intended to guide restoration efforts in the Lake Chatuge watershed in Towns County, GA and Clay County, NC for the purpose of returning it to good ecological health over the next 5-15 years. The Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition developed the plan cooperatively with input from citizens, community leaders, agencies and local officials.

Figures are included within the appropriate text document as shown in the printed version. However, higher quality versions of selected figures are also provided here for individual download.

Section 1 – Introduction
Figure 1 – Overview of the Lake Chatuge Watershed Action Plan Area

Section 2 – Characterization of the Lake Chatuge Watershed
Figure 3 – General Map of the Lake Chatuge Watershed
Figure 4 – Project Sub-Watersheds Delineated for Planning Purposes
Figure 5 – Topography of the Lake Chatuge Watershed
Figure 7 – Map of Land Use/Cover for the Lake Chatuge Watershed
Figure 8 – Map of Land in the Watershed Lying At or Above 2,200 Feet in Elevation

Section 3 – Justification for Lake Chatuge Study & Plan

Section 4 – Data Collection and Modeling Methods
Figure 11 – Sites Samples During Intensive Study of Lake Chatuge

Section 5 – Lake Chatuge Study Results
Figure 12 – Impervious Cover by Percentage for the Lake Chatuge Watershed
Figure 13 – Inadequate Riparian Buffers in the Lake Chatuge Watershed
Figure 15 – Total Phosphorus Loading by Sub-Watershed
Figure 16 – Total Nitrogen Loading by Sub-Watershed
Figure 17 – Total Suspended Solids Loading by Sub-Watershed

Section 6 – Recommended Actions for Lake Improvement

(NOTE: Supplemental resource pages have been developed by HRWC to provide more detail about selected strategies recommended by the plan to improve water quality and watershed health. To access the information online, go to the Executive Summary and click on the recommended action of interest. To see a list of fact sheets formatted for printing, visit the Publications page.)

Section 7 – Measurable Milestones & Evaluation of Progress
Section 8 – Funding & Technical Assistance for Implementation

References & Glossary


The HRWC Executive Director is available upon request to give 20- to 40-minute presentations about Lake Chatuge and the Watershed Action Plan. Contact us to request a presentation.