The HRWC leadership believes that for water resources to truly be protected, citizens must first develop a passion for them and then be provided with the tools to participate in protection and restoration efforts. The Coalition hosts an outings program to help people access and enjoy the resources. We also provide diverse volunteer opportunities to enable residents to participate in sustaining good water quality! Here are a few ways you can connect:

Attend the State of the Water
Participate in an Outing

In 2013-14, HRWC gathered community input and developed a plan for improving public access to rivers, lakes and streams in the upper Hiwassee River watershed. Much has been accomplished since that time, particularly on the Hiwassee and Nottely Rivers! One of the strongest needs identified at the time was for more public information about river conditions and where to access them. In response, HRWC is developing a separate web site to provide this information:

Find Public Access Points