Make A Difference

make_a_differenceThere are a wide variety of ways that you can help make a positive difference for clean water in the Hiwassee River watershed! In addition to becoming a member of the organization, here are 10 more ways that you can make a difference and the good news about these ideas is that most of them cost you nothing!

1. Stay Connected.

Know what’s going on with the organization. Talk about our activities and projects with your friends, fellow church members, colleagues. Send personal emails or forward the E-Source. Attend events and participate in programs…most of these are free!

2. Volunteer!

Let me count the ways…you can adopt a stream, attend a litter pick-up, help remove invasive plants from streamside areas, plant some trees, make lunches for ASB, help stuff envelopes for mailings, clip newspaper articles, staff a table at events, serve food at a fundraiser…or use your own unique skills and abilities in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.

3. Invite the Coalition to provide a program for another organization you’re involved in.

We have ready-made programs on a wide variety of topics, including water pollution, water conservation and efficiency, fracking, stream bank and shoreline restoration, native or invasive plants, as well as our organization in general. We can also do a combination of things.

4. Display our logo.

Put our logo decal on your car window(s). Carry one of our reusable water bottles. Wear our t-shirt or hat frequently, especially to community events and festivals where a lot of people will see it. [These do cost money, but if you promise to wear it, we’ll give it to you free!]

5. Use GoodSearch for finding things on the Internet.

When you use this excellent Yahoo!-based search engine instead of Google to find things on online, GoodSearch donates a penny to the charity you designate. Download our toolbar to make searches easy. (Just click on our organization name when you arrive at the page.)

6. Use GoodShop when purchasing items online.

First, we want you to know that we are not trying to encourage online shopping – buying as many items as possible locally is best for our economy. However, if you are going to make an online purchase, go through the GoodShop web site. Although not every business is registered, all the big, most common ones are. If you have the above GoodSearch toolbar, you only have to make one extra click and the company you are shopping with makes a donation to the charity you designate. This costs you nothing extra! Get more information about GoodShop.

7. Like us on Facebook.

Find us on Facebook at: Be sure “Get Notifications” is checked. Then, when you see a post from us come up in your news feed, go visit our page. Give one of our photos a thumbs-up or share something from our page on your own page. If you have something to post that’s water-related, help us keep the community conversation going.

8. Introduce friends to our organization.

Send personal letters asking them to join (we even have samples!). Or, give us their contact information and we’ll send them a complimentary 1-year gift membership package. [You can also bring them to one of our events…most have no cost associated with them.]

9. Submit a letter to the editor.

This can be as simple as expressing love for the beauty of a local lake, river or stream or a more intense expression of your thoughts on a local watershed issue. The goal is to keep people connected to the water on which we all depend. You can also sign up to consider submitting letters written by our board or staff.

10. Share photos.

We are always looking for good photos of our area, especially the lakes, rivers and streams and people enjoying them. You can share them on Facebook, email us, or drop them in the mail. We will always give you credit if we use one of them with an article or publication!