Holman Award

David Goldhagen of Goldhagen Art Glass in Hayesville, NC, is commissioned to create the Holman Water Quality Stewardship Award.

The Holman Water Quality Stewardship Award celebrates rivers, lakes, and streams and those who protect them by recognizing some of our victories and honoring those who provide us with leadership and inspiration along the way. All too frequently, individuals and groups involved with natural resource conservation fail to celebrate their hard-won successes. Too often, important victories are allowed to be overshadowed by the next issue or threat. Challenges always lie ahead, but the Coalition wants to take time each year to celebrate the people who make our collective achievements possible.

The award is named for Bill Holman, who is currently the North Carolina State Director of The Conservation Fund. HRWC was honored to have Mr. Holman deliver remarks at the inaugural Holman Water Quality Stewardship Banquet, which he attended with his wife, Stephanie Bass.

The late James W. Dobson of Union County, Ga. was the first Holman Water Quality Stewardship Award winner. One of HRWC’s founding board members, Jim was selected from a slate of nine candidates. Read more about previous Holman Award winners.


An individual or group that has worked to sustain good water quality in the rivers, lakes, and streams of the Hiwassee River watershed is eligible for nomination. Current Coalition staff members are NOT eligible to receive the Holman Award.


The Board of Directors chose to name its Water Quality Stewardship Award for Bill Holman because of his persistent, constructive leadership in legislative, administrative, and educational roles, his accomplishments that facilitated water quality improvements, and his sincere commitment to the environment and clean water. It is one or more of these characteristics, put into action in the upper Hiwassee River watershed, that HRWC seeks in Holman Water Quality Stewardship Award recipients.

Application Process

An individual may nominate up to five persons or groups for the award; however a separate form is required for each nomination. Include your name and contact information as well as the name and contact information of the nominee. (Although we’d prefer to have all of the requested information, in order for the nomination to be considered, we must have either a mailing address or an email address and phone number for the nominee.) The nomination must include a short narrative testimonial, description, and/or anecdote that will help the awards committee make its selection. Those who have been nominated before, but were not selected to receive the award may be nominated again; however no one individual or group may receive the Holman Award more than one time.

2019 Holman Award Nomination Form

Deadline extended! Nominations for the 2019 Holman Water Quality Stewardship Award are now due on September 28, 2018.