Clean Water For You, By You.


About Us

best_hiwassee_riverThe Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition is a 23-year-old private, nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining good water quality in creeks, lakes and rivers that flow into the Hiwassee River. The Coalition works with local landowners, governments, schools and businesses to understand and address threats to our water resources.

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Make A Difference

make_a_differenceThere are a wide variety of ways that you can help make a positive difference for clean water in the Hiwassee River watershed! In addition to becoming a member of the organization, here are 10 more ways that you can make a difference and the good news about these ideas is that most of them cost you nothing!

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Lake Chatuge

Lake ChatugeLake Chatuge is a 7,000-acre manmade impoundment of the Hiwassee River. The dam was constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 1942 and was originally built to store water to help reduce flood damage and aid navigation in the Tennessee River downstream.  

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